Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Colour of the Week - PINK!

Hey hey hey,

Today I felt like doing a few reviews, so I thought I would grab a few products near at hand and just go for it. But then I figured, that`s kinda boring, why not make it themed? So, without further ado, I bring you the colour of the week: Pink!

The idea here is that this week, I'll review some pink items that I own, then next week, I'll pick another colour and do the same! Exciting, innit? (no? Only me? :p )

Well anyway, here're the first four products picked completely randomly (literally I just reached into my purse and pulled 'em out - great planning bud, what a pro!)

Here's the low-down:

1. Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Grapefruit:
Specs: $19 at Sephora, 0.5oz
Quickie: 5/5 Super Moisturizing, Sheer, Love It!
Starting with the Clinique Moisturizing Gloss, well, I just love this product!! The one in the picture is actually a sample size, but I use this stuff most days 'cause it's super moisturizing, sheer, longlasting, and the colour is the perfect light pink with a bit of twinkle that mostly just looks like my natural lipcolour has been enhanced. Overall, it's just lovely, and even though I'm still working through my sample version (0.24oz), I know this will be a definite buy when I run out!

2. Clinique LongLast Glosswear in Tenderheart :
Specs: $19 at Sephora, 0.2oz
Quickie: 3.5/5 Love the shade, longlasting, but sticky
Now this stuff on the other hand just plain annoys me. On the one side, I absolutely LOVE the colour; it's non-shimmer and I just feel like it's a really good match for my lips/skin and adds instant class to any combo. But then the major downside that really kills it for me is the stickiness! I hate that from application to wear, it doesn't spread well across my lips, makes em stick together a bit, and generally feels a bit yucky. Apparently some people like the stickiness, but I really can't deal with it for long periods at a time, so for me, this turns out to be a last resort gloss instead of the staple that I thought it could be.

3. Revlon Colorburst Lipbutter in Creamsicle:
Specs: ~$10 at local drugstore (ex, Shoppers Drug Mart)
Quickie: 4.5/5 Great colour, light pink/neutral, a little bit drying 
This is actually the newest lip product in my collection and I'm really loving it! The colour is a sort of pale, neutral pink, and it's fairly longlasting and really pretty. I do, however, find that this shade is somehow less moisturizing than other lipbutters I own (like Candy Apple, one of my faves) and actually dries out my lips a little. But I get around that by applying some extra balm before Creamsicle so it's not a big deal in the end. Overall, I'm quite happy with this one :D

4. The Body Shop Vitamin E Hand & Nail Treatment:
Specs: $16 at The Body Shop, 75mL
Quickie: 3.5/5 Super moisturizing, unpleasant smell, not repurchasing
Lastly, I've got The Body Shop's Vitamin E hand and nail treatment, which claims to be "essential care for soft hands and stronger nails". But, to be honest, it's not my favourite hand lotion. It IS very moisturizing, and makes my hands feel smooth and cool. But on the other hand, it's got a bit of a funky smell which prevents me from using it anywhere outside of my room at home. I think it's meant to just have no fragrance, but I don't like what they ended up with :/ Basically, you're not gonna wanna take it out with you for daily wear because it's just a lil bit stanky, this one.

But yeah, that's it for now; I'll see you tomorrow for Day 2 of PINK week, but until then, let me know if you've tried any of these products and what you think! Did I get em right or am I a little loco? I wanna know :)

cya! xo


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