Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Hello oh great Internet!

Or, at least, hello future me who will inevitably be judging every little word and scoffing at how crazy I must have been back when...Yes, I know, you're SO much better and SO much more mature now, great, can we move on now? Awesome.

So recently there's been a lot of random cool stuff happening in my life, including some lifestyle changes, trying lots of new things, and generally working to be a well-rounded, cooler kind of person. And while this is all great, I realized that it leaves me with lots of stuff swirling around my brain taking up space and thoughts that I know I'll need later but don't need now. Needless to say, my Type A personality needs a place to organize and store these thoughts and ideas so that I don't go crazy, and what better place than a blog?

So I guess if anyone does somehow stumble onto this page, you should know that there is little method to this madness. I post things that I'm thinking about, doing, trying, whatever at the moment and which I think I might want to access later on down the road. OOO DOCUMENTING STUFF COOL.

Right. Lol. So that's that.

Peace out!


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