Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sephora Meteor Shower Eyeshadow Trio


So I recently purchased one of Sephora's Microsmooth Eyeshadow trios in 08 Meteor Shower (blue/gold/brown pictured below) and was dying to try it out! So yesterday, when I was out and about doing some shopping, I decided to smack it on and give it a test run. Here's the product and what I came up with:

The pic on the left is courtesy of the Sephora website, and both on the right are finished product, just in a bit different lighting :)

And then here's a couple zoomed out-pics so you can see what the whole thing looks like. #shameless-selfies lol

So as you can see, what I did was just apply a neutral base followed by the dark brown colour in the crease and outer lid, the teal colour in the middle of the lid, and the gold in the inner corner of the eyes and a little bit in that first third of the eyelid. Lined the top again with the dark brown colour and lined the bottom outer half with the dark brown, and inner half with the gold. Then just blended it all a little, applied my Make Up Forever mascara (might review in a short while if I have anything specific to say) and voila! The colour on my lips is Clinique's Pink Spice lipstick and face is the Too Faced "Natural Face" palette to complete the look.

Overall, I was really happy with it all, and in particular, I REALLY liked the gold colour. The idea with the blue though was to have it in the centre of the eye to draw the attention there and bring out my brown eyes a bit. Although I do think it did that, I would have preferred if the blue was a little more pigmented as I had to apply a few layers to get the colour in the pictures. In the future, I'm thinking I might sub in my Surfin' USA Sephora shadow featured a few posts back (link here) instead. The dark brown was also alright but I would have preferred something a little more bold. However, once it was all on, it did stay like this all day through my walkin' and shoppin' and haircuttin' adventures so I am really happy with it all put together - plus the colours almost perfectly match my shirt which I thought was a really cool coincidence ;p

Basically, I like the trio, I'll continue to wear this look on the occasional summer day out in the sun, but sub in another blue for the one in the trio to make it more bold. And it will be cool. And yeahhh. That's pretty much that! Let me know what you think about the Meteor Shower trio or anything else related, and I will catch y'all on the flip side!

Bye for now! xo


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